Systems Engineering at LLNL


Contextualizing Decisions and Technologies

Our systems engineering covers many areas, from sensor development to space science engineering. Using advanced modeling tools plus optimization capabilities and uncertainty quantification, systems engineering strives to quantify and elucidate decision-making and to hone new technologies within the context of the systems they will impact.

Systems engineering at LLNL works in collaboration with other national laboratories, production agencies, and the Department of Defense to survey the active stockpile to assess safety, reliability, and performance and to create simulation tools and execute tests to modernize the stockpile of the future.

In addition to weapons systems engineering, this area runs the gamut from planetary exploration to high altitude sensors to studying greenhouse gases to space defense—LLNL Engineering is at the forefront of the final frontier.

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Project Highlights

Systems engineering offers a range of manufacturing capabilities and precision and materials-engineering technologies in support of national like homeland security, space science and security, and stockpile stewardship.

An intercontinental ballistic missile leaves a trail of light against a dark sky.

Updating Nuclear Warheads

In late 2020, LLNL engineers and researchers accomplished their first key program level achievement in the W87-1 Modification Program, which will replace the W78 thermonuclear warhead.  Read Full Article

A black and white image showing the impact of an explosion on a diagnostic probe.

Pit Product Realization 

To help ensure that NNSA production capabilities are able to meet weapons program needs, LLNL works closely with colleagues at the production plants. One area of focus has been ensuring that there are enough “pits” for the warheads.  Read Full Article

An unarmed Minuteman III missile streaks across a dark sky.

Engineers at LLNL Bolster ICBM Readiness  

In March 2021, a joint test assembly (JTA) designed by LLNL and Sandia national labs was placed onboard an unarmed Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.  Read Full Article

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