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Contributing to scientific inquiry is an essential component of LLNL Engineering. Learn about our projects, experiments, and how our findings advance both fundamental science and new technologies and innovations.

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Latest Publications

Research Area Authors Publication Date Title Publication/Conference Link IM #
Computational Engineering and Data Science Petersen, Brenden K., Mikel Landajuela Larma, T. Nathan Mundhenk, Claudio P. Santiago, Soo K. Kim, and Joanne T. Kim 2021 Deep Symbolic Regression: Recovering Mathematical Expressions from Data Via Risk-seeking Policy Gradients International Conference on Learning Representations (ICLR) LLNL-CONF-790457
Computational Engineering and Data Science Austin, Ryan A., Nathan R. Barton, John E. Reaugh, and Laurence E. Fried 2015 Direct Numerical Simulation of Shear Localization and Decomposition Reactions in Shock-loaded HMX Crystal Journal of Applied Physics, 117 LLNL-JRNL-664305
Bioengineering Socia, D., A. Belle, N. Fischer, H. Enright, A. Sales, J. Osburn, W. Benett, E. Mukerjee, K. Kulp, S. Pannu, and E. Wheeler 2017 Controlled Placement of Multiple CNS Cell Populations to Create Complex Neuronal Cultures PLoS ONE 12(11) LLNL-JRNL-728613
Bioengineering Cadena, Jose, Ana Paula Sales, Doris Lam, Heather A. Enright, Elizabeth K. Wheeler, and Nicholas O. Fischer 2020 Modeling the Temporal Network Dynamics of Neuronal Cultures PLoS Computational Biology 16(5) LLNL-JRNL-774226
Advanced Manufacturing and Materials Engineering Dudukovic, Nikola A., Erika J. Fong, Hawi B. Gemeda, Joshua R. DeOtte, Maira R. Cerón, Bryan D. Moran, Jonathan T. Davis, Sarah E. Baker, and Eric B. Duoss 2021 Cellular Fluidics Nature 595 LLNL-JRNL-811671
Advanced Manufacturing and Materials Engineering Vericella, John J., Sarah E. Baker, Joshuah K. Stolaroff, Eric B. Duoss, James O. Hardin IV, James Lewicki, Elizabeth Glogowski, William C. Floyd, Carlos A. Valdez, William L. Smith, Joe H. Satcher Jr., William L. Bourcier, Christopher M. Spadaccini, Jennifer A. Lewis, and Roger D. Aines 2015 Encapsulated Liquid Sorbents for Carbon Dioxide Capture Nature Communications 6 LLNL-JRNL-636834-DRAFT
Advanced Manufacturing and Materials Engineering Watkins, Nicholas N., Eric S. Elton, Phillip H. Paul, Victor A. Beck, Jason R. Jeffries, and Andrew J. Pascall 2021 Experimentally Probing the Extremes of Droplet-on-demand Printability Via Liquid Metals Physics of Fluids 33(12) LLNL-JRNL-826857
Advanced Manufacturing and Materials Engineering Kelly, Brett E., Indrasen Bhattacharya, Hossein Heidari, Maxim Shusteff, Christopher M. Spadaccini, and Hayden K. Taylor 2019 Volumetric Additive Manufacturing Via Tomographic Reconstruction Science 363(6431) LLNL-JRNL-755660