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ENG Researchers Publish in Journal of Materials Research

Todd Weisgraber, Chris Spadaccini, and Eric Duoss are ENG coauthors with PLS colleagues of “A Mechanical Reduced Order Model for Elastomeric 3D Printed Architectures,” published in the January 2018 Journal of Materials Research (JMR). JMR is an archival-materials science journal devoted to new research that demonstrates a significant effect on, or advances in, scientific understanding of materials research.

The paper describes a mechanical reduced-order model that captures the compressive response of specific 3D-printed elastomeric architectures. The model has two parameters that control structure porosity and the stiffness of the ink used in the printing process after curing. Since the model is analytical, an optimal structure that meets a set of engineering requirements can be rapidly designed. These materials are of interest in cushions where stress or vibration mitigation is desired; for example, a potential commercial application is the midsole of a running shoe, for shock absorption.

Primary author Weisgraber’s research explores the intersection of computation and additive manufacturing and includes architected materials for solid- and fluid-mechanics applications and transport phenomena during photopolymerization.

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