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Engineering on a Mission

LLNL’s Engineering Principal Directorate is a multidisciplinary, collaborative organization known for achieving breakthroughs in areas vital to our national security missions—from nuclear security and deterrence to cybersecurity to renewable energy. Our areas of expertise include materials engineering and manufacturing, computational engineering, optics and photonics, bioengineering, data science and machine learning, and sensing and diagnostics.

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Help Us Build the Future of Engineering

From machinists to researchers to professional staff, Engineering is at the heart of LLNL. Learn how you can join in our mission.

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Not Applicable | Full-time
Administrative | Livermore, CA | 2024-07-16T23:49:11.310Z
Entry Level | Full-time
Engineering | Livermore, CA | 2024-07-16T16:23:08.697Z
Mid-Senior Level | Full-time
Engineering | Livermore, CA | 2024-07-15T21:05:43.188Z
Mid-Senior Level | Full-time
Engineering | Livermore, CA | 2024-07-15T21:03:00.561Z

Research and Innovation

Engineering at LLNL integrates theory, experimentation, and simulation to produce groundbreaking technologies aimed at addressing national security challenges. At the same time, many of our leading-edge concepts and innovations have been translated into commercial products that improve everyday life in novel and practical ways.

Director's Office


Addressing challenges to human health and safety—from modeling antibodies’ potential to anticipating bioterrorism, LLNL has a long history of delivering bioengineering enabled solutions.

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Advanced Manufacturing and Materials Engineering

Trailblazing materials science and engineering innovation and advanced manufacturing to design and fabricate unique structures and components, micro-nano technologies, and more as we support endeavors across LLNL.

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Global Security

Optics and Photonics

Designing and operating the optical systems and photonics associated with our National Ignition Facility (NIF), telescopy, and micro- and nanotechnologies.

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National Ignition Facility and Photon Science

Systems Engineering

Engaging in readiness activities aimed at stockpile custodianship, explosives material development, and initiation systems. This area includes space science engineering, sensor development, technology maturation, and weapons engineering.

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Two CED engineers work on Skyfall

Computational Engineering and Data Science

Exploring the world virtually, through modeling and simulation or data science, is an essential complement to physical experimentation, permitting us to examine broader ranges of behavior and potential design solutions.

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Our Mission

LLNL Engineering provides the research, design, and execution behind some of the world’s most rigorous and complex engineering projects to support the Lab’s government-funded missions. We also collaborate with industry and academia to develop some of the world’s most sophisticated products, processes, and specialized instruments.

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