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The Engineering Directorate creates and applies engineering knowledge to advance national security.


Engineering at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory relies on multidisciplinary collaboration to achieve breakthroughs in fields vital to national security, notably materials engineering and manufacturing, bioengineering, data analytics, machine learning, sensing, and autonomous systems.

Many of our leading-edge concepts and innovations have been translated by R&D firms into commercial products that improve everyday life in novel and practical ways.

Research Areas

Pulsed power, plasma physics, and other electromagnetic technologies sense, measure, and create extreme environments.

Biology and engineering intersect through nano-scale implantable devices, biocompatible materials, and electro-bio interfaces.

Modeling and simulating complex physical systems, processing unique signals, and applying computational power to autonomous systems.

Developing new materials, designs, and processes for next-generation manufacturing.

Addressing the need for new robust, sustainable, and secure power technologies.

Inventing optical systems for the world's most powerful lasers, ultrafast events, and national security.

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We work with industrial, university, and agency partners to transform discoveries into applications for national security and the marketplace. Got ideas? Need labs or expertise?