Bioengineering at LLNL


Analyzing Complex Biological Systems

Bioengineering at LLNL involves analysis of and intervention in complex biological systems with the aim of supporting the Lab’s missions. Bioengineering enables transformational solutions to counter biological threats and increase national resilience.

Bioengineering is highly multidisciplinary, with a long history of delivering solutions, from the 1980s’ High-speed Cell Sorter to the rapid antibody design in the face of COVID-19. As recent events have shown, biosecurity threats are evolving in new and unpredictable ways.

Our current bioengineering research and development is focused around four thematic areas:

  • Sensors and devices 
  • Human organ models 
  • Artificial Intelligence and machine learning for precision medicine 
  • Biomaterials and biomanufacturing 
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Project Highlights

Our bioengineering work focuses on understanding how the human body reacts in a range of conditions. We use predictive modeling, implantable devices, and printed biological systems as tools for unlocking insights into health, injury, and disease.

Artistic rendering of fast ion permeation inside single-walled carbon nanotubes.

Countering Biothreats with Nanoscale Solutions 

Micro- and nanotechnologies enable exceptional new materials, devices and systems by exploiting performance characteristics only possible when engineering in the millimeter to nanometer length scale. Read Full Article

A graphic showing a brain hovering above a microchip.

Brain on a Chip 

Some of our most significant advances are very tiny, such as a brain-on-a-chip device that records the neural activity of living brain cell cultures, enabling researchers to study the function of the human brain—outside of the body. Read Full Article

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