Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

with Our Lab

LLNL solicits collaborative ventures with universities, industry, and U.S. agencies. We use collaboration to improve our S&T, speed the transformation of applied research into national-security deliverables, and move new technology out of the Lab and into the marketplace, particularly for the benefit of U.S. industry.

Types of collaboration pursued by the Lab include the following:

  • Developing ideas into commercial products to use at LLNL
  • Leveraging industry resources to speed technological development. Partners receive commercial rights
  • Adapting others’ concepts and technology to build specialized, niche applications unsuited to commercial development
  • Accelerating commercial adoption of technology deemed important to U.S. enterprise by the Department of Energy

Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory (AML)

Located in the heart of the Livermore Valley Open Campus and adjacent to LLNL’s main campus, the AML will be the birthplace of tomorrow’s most innovative manufacturing processes and products. We are actively searching for strategic partners to help make this vision a reality.


Micro/Nano Laboratory (µnL)

This facility houses over 6000 square feet of Class 10-1000 clean rooms for micromachining, silicon microelectronics, III-V semiconductor optoelectronics, and guided-wave photonics.


Non-Destructive Characterization Laboratory (NDCL)

LLNL is home to some of the most advanced and unique NDC capabilities available. These include X-ray, ultrasonic, CT, and particle characterization systems, operated under ISO 9000 certification.


Design Optimization Laboratory (DOL)

More of a “virtual laboratory,” the DOL houses research and development activities that are creating new computational design tools. These tools help engineers and scientist create previously unimaginable product solutions.


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