Caitlyn Krikorian

A headshot of Functional Architected Materials Engineering group lead Caitlyn Krikorian.

Caitlyn Krikorian has served as group lead for the Functional Architected Materials Engineering (FAME) group within the Materials Engineering Division since September 2021 and is currently leading a LDRD-ER project focused on Shape Changing of Responsive Elastomer Structures (SCoRES). Her research is focused on developing functional and responsive feedstock materials for additive and advanced manufacturing processes with understanding of the underlying structure-property relationships. Caitlyn earned her B.Eng. and M.A. from Cal Poly.   

Caitlyn is passionate about building and maintaining a strong community in her workplace to foster collaboration, idea generation, and a network of interconnected minds working towards common goals. Outside of work, Caitlyn enjoys spending time outdoors (hiking and skiing), understanding the science of baking in her own kitchen, and engaging in her surrounding community via outreach and church events.