Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Vincent Riot holds the Space-Based Telescopes for Actionable Refinement of Ephemeris (STARE) flight optical payload in its handling fixture. The payload is a nanosatellite intended to track space debris in Earth orbit.

Al Salazar and summer student Jessica Riconscente provide procurement support for the development of the Collimator and Detector Kit Assembly for the Neutron Time of Flight diagnostic system (nToF). The nToF diagnostic provides absolute measurements of neutron energy and yield for the National Ignition Facility.

LLNL has always taken pride in translating innovative scientific concepts and ideas into solutions that impact the most important national security problems and global societal priorities of our time. Our technology development efforts enable many of the research breakthroughs across the Laboratory, translating them from the world of basic research to the various national security missions of the Laboratory. Our investments in research and technology serve not only known programmatic requirements of today, but also anticipate the breakthrough engineering innovations that will be needed in the future.

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