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With 3D printing and complementary technologies, we are revolutionizing manufacturing. Materials and manufacturing engineers are conceiving materials, products, and processes that promise new capabilities, low costs, and speedy development of almost everything manmade.


Additive manufacturing, material development, systems design, and design optimization are changing the manufacturing paradigm.


Design and development of tiny electromechanical devices, electronics, photonics, structures, and actuators is a priority.


We design, test and characterize films, composites, and joining processes for metal alloys, polymers, and composites.


We pursue x-ray, acoustic, thermal, mm-wave, optical, and neutron-imaging analysis with modeling, simulation, data analytics, and image-reconstruction techniques.

Some of our current projects we are working on include:


The W80-4 LEP modernizes a 30-year-old nuclear weapon for integration with a new cruise missile. Computer M&S, advanced manufacturing techniques for polymers and metals, and rigorous testing and analysis ensure exacting standards and specifications are met without underground nuclear testing.

General Tech Maturation

DOE supports initiatives in metal and polymer additive manufacturing (AM) to improve critical parts by redesigning for modern manufacturing technology. LLNL teams employ titanium alloys, stainless steel, tungsten, nickle-iron, polymer, and other compositions to create robust, safe, secure, and efficient engineered systems.

Visualization of NIF target


The Optics Mitigation Facility automation upgrade integrates advanced software controls, machine-learning algorithms, and deep-learning image recognition to increase production rates and ergonomics of a CO2 laser system that mitigates optical damage. Custom image-analysis software characterizes the size and type of damage and proposes and applies laser-machining protocol to repair the optical surface.

W80-4 component


The Diffractive Optic Full-Aperture System Test automation upgrade integrates two robots with fourteen additional axes of motion to increase diffractive-optic measurement throughput over 3x in NIF systems. This precision, Class 4 laser system uses a LabVIEW SCADA system in a novel way to control the robots.


  • Applied Physicist/EE
  • Applied Statistician
  • Applied Statistics
  • Chemical Engineer
  • Computation Engineering
  • Computer Vision
  • Control Systems Hardware
  • Defense Technologies Engineering
  • EE Drafter
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Electrical/Mechanical Coordinator
  • Electronics
  • Engineering Technologies and Design
  • Hypersonic Engineer 
  • Image and Signal Processing
  • Instrumentation and Controls
  • Laser
  • Machine Learning
  • Machinist 
  • ME Analyst
  • Mechanical
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Mechanical/Electro-Optic Systems
  • National Security Engineering
  • NIF Coordinator
  • Operations Research
  • Optical and Electronics
  • Optical Diagnostics
  • Optical Poduction
  • Optics Automation Hardware
  • Optimal Sequential Decision-Making
  • Optimization
  • Photonics/Laser Electro-Optics
  • Reduced Order Modeling
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Signal Processing
  • Simulation Optimization
  • Target Fabrication
  • Thermal Comp Fluid Dynamics/Design
  • Ultrafast Optical and Electronics



Method to Extract System-Independent Material Properties From Dual-Energy X-Ray CT. | X-ray Tomography

Champley, K.M., Azevedo, S.G., Seetho, I.M., Glenn, S.M. , McMichael, L.D., Smith, J.A, Kallman, J., Brown, W.D., and Martz, H.E.


Observation and Modeling of Deflagration-to-Detonation Transition (DDT) in Low-Density HMX. | General X-Ray Imaging

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Poly-Versus-Mono-Energetic Dual-Spectrum Non-Intrusive Inspection of Cargo Containers. | SNM Detection

Martz, H.E.,Glenn, S.M.,Smith, J.A., Divin, C.J., and Azevedo, S.G.

Mapping Local Deformation Behavior in Single-Cell Metal Lattice Structures. | Additive Manufacturing

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3D-Printing Transparent Glass.

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3D Printed Silicones with Shape Memory.

Amanda S. Wu, Ward Small IV, Taylor M. Bryson, Emily Cheng, Thomas R. Metz, Stephanie E. Schulze, Eric B. Duoss & Thomas S. Wilson.

Multiscale Metallic Metamaterials.

Xiaoyu Zheng, William Smith, Julie Jackson, Bryan Moran, Huachen Cui, Da Chen, Jianchao Ye, Nicholas Fang, Nicholas Rodriguez, Todd Weisgraber & Christopher M. Spadaccini.

3D-Printing of Meso-structurally Ordered Carbon Fiber/Polymer Composites with Unprecedented Orthotropic Physical Properties.

James P. Lewicki, Jennifer N. Rodriguez, Cheng Zhu, Marcus A. Worsley, Amanda S. Wu, Yuliya Kanarska, John D. Horn, Eric B. Duoss, Jason M. Ortega, William Elmer, Ryan Hensleigh, Ryan A. Fellini & Michael J. King.

Direct Meta Writing: Controlling the Rheology Through Microstructure.

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X-ray imaging: Fundamentals, Industrial Techniques and Applications. | General X-Ray Imaging

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Development of a Multi-Energy Flash Computed Tomography Diagnostic for Three Dimensional Imaging of Ballistic Experiments. | X-ray Tomography

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X-Ray Imaging and 3D Reconstruction of In-Flight Exploding Foil Initiator Flyers. | X-ray Tomography

Willey, T.M., Champley, K., Hodgin, R., Lauderbach, L., Bagge-Hansen, M., et al.

CT Dual-Energy Decomposition into X-Ray Signatures ρe and Ze. | X-ray Tomography

Martz, H.E., Seetho, I.M., Champley, K.E., Smith, J.A. and Azevedo, S.G.

X-Ray Imaging and 3D Reconstruction of In-Flight Exploding Foil Initiator Flyers. | X-ray Tomography

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Reconstructing Misaligned X-Ray CT Data. | X-ray Tomography

Divin, C.J

Part Damage Due To Proximity Effects During Sub-Micron Additive Manufacturing Via Two-Photon Lithography. | Additive Manufacturing

Saha, S.K., Divin, C., Cuadra, J.A. and Panas, R.M.

Lightweight Mechanical Metamaterials with Tunable Negative Thermal Expansion.

Qiming Wang, Julie A. Jackson, Qi Ge, Jonathan B. Hopkins, Christopher M. Spadaccini, and Nicholas X. Fang.

Ion Intercalation Induced Capacitance Improvement for Graphene-Based Supercapacitor Electrodes.

Tianyu Liu, Dr. Cheng Zhu, Tianyi Kou, Dr. Marcus A. Worsley, Dr. Fang Qian, Cecilia Condes, Dr. Eric B. Duoss, Dr. Christopher M. Spadaccini, Prof. Yat Li.

Shape-Morphing Composites with Designed Micro-Architectures.

Jennifer N. Rodriguez, Cheng Zhu, Eric B. Duoss, Thomas S. Wilson, Christopher M. Spadaccini, and James P. Lewicki.

Supercapacitors Based on Three-Dimensional Hierarchical Graphene Aerogels with Periodic Macropores.

Cheng Zhu, Tianyu Liu, Fang Qian§, T. Yong-Jin Han, Eric B. Duoss, Joshua D. Kuntz, Christopher M. Spadaccini, Marcus A. Worsley, and Yat Li.

3D Printed Cellular Solid Outperforms Traditional Stochastic Foam in Long-Term Mechanical Response.

A. Maiti, W. Small, J. P. Lewicki, T. H. Weisgraber, E. B. Duoss, S. C. Chinn, M. A. Pearson, C. M. Spadaccini, R. S. Maxwell & T. S. Wilson.

3D Printing: Controlling Material Reactivity Using Architecture.

Kyle T. Sullivan, Cheng Zhu, Eric B. Duoss, Alexander E. Gash, David B. Kolesky, Joshua D. Kuntz, Jennifer A. Lewis, Christopher M. Spadaccini.


Pre-Ignition Confinement and Deflagration Violence in LX-10 and PBX 9501. | General X-Ray Imaging

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Efficient and Accurate Correction of Beam-Hardening Artifacts. | X-ray Tomography

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Effects of Powder Morphology and Particle Size on CT Number Estimates. | X-ray Tomography

Kallman, J.S., Azevedo, S. and Martz, H.E.

Recent Progress Validating the HADES Model of LLNL's HEAF MicroCT Measurements. | X-ray Tomography

White, W.T., Bond, K.C., Lennox, K.P., Aufderheide, I.M., Seetho, I.M., et al.

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Model-Based Failure Detection for Cylindrical Shells from Noisy Vibration Measurements. | Ultrasound

J. V. Candy, K. A. Fisher, B. L. Guidry, and D. H. Chambers.

Study of Accuracy of Parts Produced Using Additive Manufacturing. | Additive Manufacturing

Bauza, M.B., Moylan, S.P., Panas, R.M., Burke, S.C., Martz, H.E., et al.

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