Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Micro Nano Bioengineering Laboratory

The Center for Micro and Nano Technology (CMNT): microscale and nanoscale technologies in support of national security.

We work with materials, devices, instruments, and systems that require microfabricated components, including microelectromechanical systems, electronics, photonics, micro- and nanostructures, bioimplantable devices, and micro- and nanoactuators.

CMNT Positioning

  1. CMNT customizes microelectronics and micro-sensor technologies for unique applications specific to LLNL and DOE.
  2. We have the top talent and facilities for new solutions in stockpile monitoring and stewardship, homeland security, power/energy, healthcare, and space applications.

A diverse array of investigators research micro- and nanofabrication processes, devices, and system integration, spurring invention in

  • Highly integrated bio-microsystems for sensors and medical devices;
  • Photonic microsystems for high-speed signal and data acquisition;
  • Micro-electromechanical systems for sensing and actuation;
  • Radiation sources/detectors; and
  • Scalable power systems for micro- and mesoscale devices.

CMNT scientists and engineers collaborate in leading-edge R&D projects for novel national-security infrastructure support.

  • Center for Micro and Nano Technology
Center for Micro and Nano Technology Building

Building 153 — Center for Micro and Nano Technology

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