Energy Matter Interaction Tunnel (EMIT)


Collaborating in Hypersonic Space

Standing ready as a new LLNL capability in the hypersonic mission space, the Energy Matter Interaction Tunnel (EMIT) facility houses a cold-flow, open-jet, blowdown wind tunnel to test materials in clean, high enthalpy, high-speed flight environments.

"To study materials in their flight environment, we have to bring that environment to Livermore,” says Aric Rousso, principal investigator of the Energy–Matter Interaction Tunnel (EMIT) project at the Laboratory.

Our Goals

Designed for high-throughput and small-scale material response to hypersonic flow, EMIT supports a range of programmatic, fundamental research, and external sponsor needs that require high resolution data for physics-based modeling and simulation. EMIT additionally includes a robust diagnostics suite and considerable staff expertise in material science and high-speed flow measurement. We have the in-house experience and capabilities to drive both materials and diagnostic development from concept to testing at large-scale national facilities.

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Energy Matter Interaction Tunnel

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