Student Programs


Fostering Futures in the Bay Area 

Engineering has several programs that prepare students for future STEM careers, including a robust summer student internship program. Browse our current internship openings, or keep reading to learn more about our offerings. Recent graduates are encouraged to check out the Careers tab for links to current openings and a description of our apprenticeship program. 

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Learn what it’s like to work at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory with an internship that provides hands-on experience. As an Engineering intern, you’ll work on projects alongside our expert staff so you can expand your skill set and get a feel for careers in the field.


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Community College Partnerships 

Engineering offers local community college students hands-on experience with Lab scientists and engineers. Students work on a variety of projects, depending on their skills and completed classwork, including vacuum technology, electronics, machining, prototyping, and robotics. They may also support engineers by setting up and conducting experiments and participate in all programs and events offered to Engineering interns.